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Poste 27 October 2014


The name Olmec is derived from the term for “Rubber People”; their land was covered with rubber trees, but rubber is also a good descriptor for the Olmec people as a whole - strong, resilient, and likely to redirect whatever force sent at them with terrifying speed and power.

Forestsrubber feat
While rubber was the resource their empire was built on, the chief currency of the Olmec was blood. They bound themselves together through powerful rituals of blood sacrifice. They believed that shedding and mixing their own blood made them strong. And they shed the blood of their enemies, perfecting the art of controlled bloodlust that made them the first great empire of Mesoamerica.

For the Olmec, blood was beauty, power, and home. And blood was the heart of the Olmec Truth, a clear call that you can achieve anything that you can imagine – as long as you’re willing to bleed for it.

But like many of the other societies we’ve looked at, a small minority of elite were perverted away from their Truth, and they led their whole civilization to destruction.  We can’t blame the Romans for this one – the force that infiltrated the Olmec and turned them away from the purity of their blood rituals was widespread and worked quickly. We'll learn more soon.