Not much is known about gameplay except bits that leak out or we are teased about. This page tries to collect them all to try and have a glimpse of it all


  • You will be able to see the location and bloodline of all other players near you and have the option to attack when they're close to you
  • You can form alliances with up to two other lines (Frey talked about 4 large blocks, so it seems the choice of alliance will be limited very specifically)
  • Within an alliance you can mount joint attacks against other people
  • You can choose to betray your allies (Frey gave an example of turning against an ally weakened by a fight)
  • When an enemy engages with you at a location where you've left a token (see below for more info on this) you will be able to live-fight, pass it to the nearer line companion or if all fails let AI take over , thus allowing you to do battle and defend even if you are not available.
  • John Hanke described the battle "as a card battle game", and they are aimed to last 3-4 minutes each.
  • You will be able to bring a limited number of artifacts into battle.  These artifacts have different levels of artifact rarity and hit points and will give the player boosts if they’re aligned with their civilization.
Proving Grounds PVP Gameplay00:33

Proving Grounds PVP Gameplay

Proving ground basic PVP00:40

Proving ground basic PVP

Key Sites

  • Gameplay will be centered around so-called "key sites" of varying value
  • You can claim an unoccupied key spot for yourself or try to fight the current owner(s) alone or in a group. After conquered you will have to place something called a token on it.
  • Key sites will supply you with "resources, artifacts, strength"
  • The more contested a key site will be, the bigger / stronger / more valuable it will become
  • There will be an initial set of more powerful key site (the book puzzle hunt prize at Caesars Palace, for example will be one), but it should be playable "anywhere a smartphone is"
  • Special key sites can provide players with special equipment (e.g. museums exhibiting Sumerian artifacts in the real world)
  • A concept (similar to Ingress anomalies) still being developed are scheduled battles for key sites
    • These battles could last as long as an entire day, putting up hordes of players against each other continuously
    • The winning team / alliance is promised "epic rewards"


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