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Posted on 29th of October


The Koori’s Truth is intimately connected to their experience of the Dreamtime. As their land was encroached on by more and more Europeans, they tried and failed to share their Truth with the newcomers.

The Europeans were not interested. And they systematically destroyed every element of Koori culture they could get their hands on.

The Koori retreated into their Dreamtime, confident that it was a refuge. But what they didn’t reckon on was the invaders getting to them through their most vulnerable members - their children.

Generations were stolen away from their families and raised in isolation. Separated from the Dreamtime.

It nearly destroyed them completely. But for the tenacity of a few, the Koori would have been completely wiped out.

From this we learn a valuable lesson: as long as one person holds on to the Truth, the fight is not over. We honor them, and stand with them.


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