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Posted on 23 March 2015

Giving You a Heads Up01:28

Giving You a Heads Up


- Hi, Stella. You wanted me to give you a heads up. This is me giving you a heads up. I'm coming. I'm sorry if I seem a little loopy, this is me making a pitstop after driving for twelve hours straight. But I do have an awesome audiobook collection.

I'm currently listening to Adam Sandler reading Anna Karenina. Yeah. I tried to take a nap. Failed. So, I think I'm just gonna push on. I'm about six hours from you, uh, so I should be there in four with the way I've been driving. And, um, I do have an idea for a housewarming gift for you, so I hope you like it. Let's see, is there anything else?

I can't think of anything. So, it's crazy, right?

I mean, gettin' excited. Can you feel the excitement? Holy shit, is that a coyote? Oh, no, that is a old woman carrying groceries. Okay, might, uh, I might want to try to nap again then. Okay, bye.

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