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Posted on 2nd July 2015


Today's Challenge will hone your wordsmithing:



Hint 1

Solving the crossword is the first step. The next is a manual anagram.

Hint 2

The end result sentence will have a weird typo. This was made on purpose to hint you about something.


This is a basic crossword mixed with phrase finding. First find the crossword answers and then fill in the phrase, with a bit of anagramming.

Crossword Answers:

3. sway - win over 7. bumble - bee all thumbs 9. teeter - totter 11. stumble - see you next fall 12. careen - olympic bobsleds do this 13. jerk - weightlifting move

1. falter - a moment of weakness 2. blunder - ___buss 4. wobble - vacillate 5. flounder - Ariel, Sebastian, and ... 6. stagger - drunken serpentine 8. tilt - pinball error 10. rock - are you ready to ___?

The letters, and the “Odd” hint, lead to the following phrase (with two d’s for cardinal):

carddinal kooky actor

The two D’s and “kooky” lead you to the Addams family, and the series of answers used in the crossword puzzle lead you to “Lurch” Ted Cassidy was the first actor who portrayed Lurch on the TV show and thus the cardinal actor.



The drawing in Court

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