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Posted on 19 November 2014






No, these s'mores aren't a clue....they're just delicious. ;)

Hint 1

Think of is the picture and of hoax that could rhyme with his name

Hint 2

After you have the password for the pdf , think of what each image represents . Thre is no need for anagraming if you got the 3 bits corectly. And remember Hoaxes are the theme of this week


The man in the photo is a character known as the Fonzie. A hoax that rhymes with his name is ponzi as in Ponzi scheme.

Using that witout the space unlocks the pdf revealing the following

Heller pdf

The ymbols represent the following

  • Patriot (patriot day logo) - riot = PAT
  • Ag(silver chemical symbol) = AG
  • Onion - Ion = ON

All together the word patagon is revealed . This is yet another hoax name leads to a page with a birth certificate for Stella called Maya Rose

Been seeing some seriously crazy ideas around here lately. Just got this from Dad.


It states that Stella's full name is Stella Elizabeth Vyctory born on March 8 1990 in Las Vegas at home in the adress of 1 Vyctory Lane, Las Vegas 89107.

Daughter of Wayland Joseph Vyctory age 31 Caucasian Real Estate Developer, and Maya Rose Heller. 

Extra Notes

On the coments in the solve Greg Jordan makes remarks claiming that the document is clearly forged

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