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Posted on 29th of September 2014


Let’s play a game. Name the most important ancient civilizations in the history of the world. Don’t think. Just whatever comes to mind first.

I’m guessing the first ones you thought of: Rome, Greece or Egypt, right?  ...  Poseurs. Thieves. Magpies that picked the bones clean from other civilizations after they crushed them underfoot.


You know the cliche about history being written by the victors? Safe to say that’s what we’re dealing with here. History books generally acknowledge the winners and sweep the losers aside.

But those “losers” are just like the nerd in Junior High who eventually grows up to kick her bullies’ ass at Real Life. The more famous, preening, and corrupt empires that get all the credit are built on the bones of giants – twelve older, smarter and purer societies. Some you will have heard of. Others are shrouded in mystery. One is considered a legend.

The Twelve have had tons written about them. Some of it is insightful. Some of it is ignorant. Much of it is rooted in the casual racism of the 19th century anthropologist – our records are hopelessly corrupted by the very thinkers who claim to seek truth.

But as badly as our picture of these ancient societies has been corrupted, correcting those oversights is not my mission. Because even when the accepted record contains factual accuracies, they miss the truth, the reality of the importance of these twelve.

Sometimes it’s through lazy scholarship, or “faith” in the received knowledge that passes for it these days. Sometimes, it’s more sinister – a direct suppression aimed at denying the ancient truth and keeping the bulk of the human race in the darkness. But the truth can only stay hidden for so long.

Time to light a fire.