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Posted 23rd October 2014


Noon is a...

Hint 1

Noon is A

Hint 2



Lines solved
Using the lines image and the clock posted above you can get the following image

Starting at the letter D and going in the direction of R, you can get the words DRAWNLINES. leads to a page called Pinstripe

I met Pinstripe when I was 11, the day he threw me over his shoulder and got me out of there. I’ve seen some version of this picture every day since. My first date with Jake was like a sitcom - you know, where the Mom and Dad are sitting at the table next to the nervous couple. Except my version was Pinstripe hovering by the waitress station. Good guy. He’s given me some good advice over the years, and even let me do a few things my Dad didn’t know about. With my father away so frequently, I guess it could have been worse.