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Posted on 14th of October 2014


I’ve been getting this question quite a bit. And it’s a fair one. I’ve presented a lot of information already, and we’ve only just begun. I’ll be updating this post from time to time, but here are the basics:



Solve my Challenges to prepare yourself to understand and take action regarding the Ancient Truth. Note that the answer will nearly always be found by appending your solution to my shortlink For example:


Share your ideas, your insights and your opinions with me and with one another. Every post has a Comments section at the bottom. Don't be shy.


One of the most important things you can do to gain recognition within our community is to spread our philosophy to others. Teach them what you know and bring them here to join our cause. Then, let me know what you’ve done. Show me and your fellow Students your dedication and I promise you, when the time comes, your efforts will be acknowledged.


As you know, I’m just getting started, but have been so inspired by all of you. There are major changes coming over the next few weeks, months and years. The Truth is not a temporary idea. Saving humanity will not happen overnight. But if we stick together we will make a difference.



More questions? Ask in the comments below, or EMAIL ME. I can’t promise to answer everyone, but I will be listening to, and learning from, all of you.

P.S. Please keep all comments relevant to this website and to the Ancient Truth. All extraneous comments will be deleted.

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