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Posted on 23 December 2014

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-Hey guys!


-So after a lot of begging, Leo has finally decided to to show me - to show us a trick that he's been working on for the past...three months?

-Five months, but who's counting. It's a work in progress, and we don't call them tricks, do we?

-Uh, no. Sorry! Illusion.

-Yes, illusion, magic. Never tricks!

-Never again!

-You're not mocking me?

-No, not at all.


-Is this part of it? Because I really just wanna see the trick.

-Uh, wow. You must be a professional magician's assistant 'cause that was so gracious of you.

-Please, can we just see the trick?

-All right. My assistant Stella and I will now do the Paper of Destiny. Stella, if you would?

-Ah! I would!

-Magicians, Stella, have used paper and playing cards for thousands of years, but this one...


-...this one is a little bit special.

(breaking glass)

-(laughing) Oh my God! Leo? Is that...Leo?

(laughs nervously) Is that part of the trick, Leo? Leo?!

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