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Posted on 17 June 2015


Today's Challenge will sharpen your skills of pattern recognition:


Hint 1

Look for triplets first.

Hint 2

Do the recurring groups of three letters form a pattern?


Doing a frequency analysis on the words, we find a number of three letter groups that appear 7 or 8 times, namely LLE (8 times), GRE and SAN (7 times each).  Finding those groups in the image, we see a pattern:


Eliminating the LLE in DULLSVILLE leaves 7 of the LLE group as well. Looking for other common groups of letters in the same kind of diagonal pattern reveals some two letter groups as well, namely VE, PY, VI and KA.  Putting those all together results in VEGREVILLE PYSANKA. The solution is


Vegreville Psysanka, a giant sculpture of a Ukranian Easter egg in Alberta, Canada.

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