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Posted on 20 November 2014


Don't reverse-engineer this one...


Hint 1

There are actually 2 paths to solve this challenge. one of them involves turning each line in a mathematical way into a letter. The other is by looking for mathematical hoaxes

Hint 2 will help you with the math. 

For the hoax remember Stella mentions reversing 


Using the site mentioned snahrevelc gives an exact copy of the equation mentioned by Stella.

The other option would be to look for mathematical hoaxes like Clever Hans. Reversing it gives snahrevelc. leads to Client 157-14 .


Confirming to Client 157-14

Fantasy : Hunting Ground

Mark ID : W. Giroux, 53 , Reg. Sales Dir. Nash Plastics

Mark Secured - #12

PD Cover initiated

Extra Notes

At the bottom of the paper in the solve one can see part of a weblink. This leads to the the Vyctory Resort website

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