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Obtained via Recursive

Posted on 10th of March 2015




Case No. 38501

Date: March 8th, 2015

Incident: Artifact stolen from antiquities museum 

Transcript of statement given by Steve Berman, security guard

It was 3:00 AM. I was on the night shift, patrolling. I gotta say, that place gives me the creeps. All those ancient relics -- the masks, the weapons, the strange symbols. And that stone is the worst. It's like it wants something from you. I swear, every time you walk by you feel it pulling on you like a... cold magnet or something.

Anyway. I'm doing my rounds, and I walk past the stone. Now I know it doesn't have a face, but I swear it's looking at me. And I think I'm going crazy. And then I get the feeling that, no it's not looking at me, it's looking past me, into the darkness. And that's when I realize there's someone else in the room.

I turn around real fast, and I see a shadow drop from the ceiling, and I hear a SWOOSH and it's lights out. When I come to I'm trussed up like a chicken, and I'm alone. The stone's glass display is unbroken and locked up tight, but the stone is gone. In its place is that weird message you guys took. 

I don't know how the hell the guy pulled it off. I feel bad that he got away with a rock, but I gotta say, I don't miss it.

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