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Posted on 6 April 2015

It's You12:58

It's You

In case you're not caught up, here are some previous videos of my boyfriend Jake . It's been quite a winding road for us. :)


- The worst part is ...

... that I was sure I was never going to see you again. That they were putting me on ice, waiting for the right moment to thaw me out, and use me against you. For a while I had a, uh, bag packed. I hid it under my bed. I had it all worked out. But John would remind me of what would happen ...

... to you ...

... if I came back.

- Wait here.

- What's that?

- It's you. I mean, I wanted a funeral or memorial or something to say goodbye, but they said that your dad didn't want anything, so Pinstripe just got me that instead. Sorry.

- No, it's fine.You okay?

- Yeah, I just need some water.

- Yeah. Okay, okay. That's fine. We'll get you some water.

- Kay.

- I almost forgot. We can drink it right out of the tap.

- So, you were telling me what you were doing down there?

- Oh, yes. I open up my own black tie piano bar. But I called it "Stella's."

- Of course.

- Which you'd be happy about. You should'a seen the dames.

- Ah. Whew. I can only imagine.

- And when I wasn't running the bar, I was restoring vintage airplanes. I also did a little time as a double secret agent.

- Ah.

- For France.

- Absolutely. On the side. Then why are you here? Livin' the dream.

- No, no. There's only so much paradise one guy can take.

- Oh, yeah.

- I didn't do much, honestly. Um, about half way in, I, uh, actually did book a gig. Um, play and singing at a cantina was basically my food money, because You know, Threadgill paid my rent. I still don't understand why he did that.

- He wanted you alive.

- Any idea why? - Mhm.

For me.

- I can't imagine that guy ever doing anything for anyone else.

- Well, he's gone now.

- What do you mean he's gone?

- Last weekend, at that thing, these two guys came and

put him in handcuffs and took him away and I actually haven't heard from him since.

- I never gave up hope.

- Well, I never knew that ...

... hope was on the table.

- I'm sorry, I didn't --

- No, Jesus, You have nothing to be sorry about. I'm okay.

- What?

- I just ...

... can't believe you're here.

- Stella, let's just leave. Now, let's go anywhere. Start over. We can't have a life here, it's too dangerous. It's too close. To him.

- I know. But I can't. I'm just getting started here.

- With what? Your website? Leading sheep to the slaughter? Stella, you can't --

- Oh, wait, hey hey hey. Look, it's more complicated than that. Okay?

- Look Stella, whatever this thing is, it's not your war.

- It's everybody's war, actually.

- Just come with me.

- I can't. I don't run anymore. And I don't want you to run, either.

- Do you still love me?

- Of course I love you.

I just ...

... also ...

I let you go.

- Wow.

- No.

- No, no, no.

- Jake I didn't mean it like --

- No. I get it. You're right. This is not one of those just ... jump-right-back-into-it- and-act-like-nothing-ever-happened things.

- I wish. Do you remember our third date? You took me to the roof of the physics building.

- Must have been one of your other boyfriends, because I brought you to the English building, but go on.

- Did you? Anyway. That's when I knew. Third date. I have no idea why I'm thinking of that right now.

- So this ...

... makes you feel the way you felt on our third date.

- Oooh, yeah.

- I guess that's cool.

- That sounds WAY less elegant when you put it like that. My way was way better.

- If we're being honest ...

... I knew ...

... as soon as I saw you. I knew.

- Liar.

- No. Stella. Leaving is ...

... it's not a new idea. Not to me. I've always wanted to leave here. Take you with me I can't loose you again.

- Well, um ...

... wherever we go ...

... he will find us.

- So what then?

- Well, we do what we can. We stay here. And fight.

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