Jake (last name unknown) is Stella's boyfriend. They have known each other since university. He was assumed dead , when Stella saw what she believed to be his murder . To work her grief she started the Ancient Societies blog where she even shared some of his music . He would later reappear , revealing he had to fake his own death with the help of  Pinstripe to protect them both.

He has a band The Black Dollar that did small gigs on their search for fame. As far it is known he was the only band member and he created his own music . In some of his music it is hinted he has had some drug use in the past. Currently he has admitted to Stella that has gained a drug addition while hiding due to an injury he made.

Extra Notes


Unknown date

  • IMG 20140928 220700 - He gives Stella a copy of "The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt"
  • Lyric - Stella and Jake joke about some lyrics Stella wrote for him.
  • Phone Video - Jake returns to the car after meeting Wayland Vyctory and feels something was weird.


  • Black Dollar - The poster to what end up being the last show Jake did.
  • Murderers (GRAPHIC) - Jake gets shot and dies.
  • Jake - Stella admits Jake is dead and he was the reason she created the blog. She then proceds to tell the tale of what happened.




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