Obtained as a reward from Babe

Posted on 11 of March 2015



Brave girl stands up to armed men

Billing, MT - The community is still in shock

after the violent siege of St. John's on Sunday.

Two armed men robbed the church, shot a police

officer, and tool two hostages -- a mother and

daughter whose names are not being released by

the authorities.

It seems the young girl did not make it easy for

the gunmen. Witness report the girl peppered

the criminals with questions and comments,

helping to distract them as police surrounded the


"It was crazy. She was going a mile a minute."

said Bloom Calvert. "it looked like they were

hypnotized or something. Like she was doing 

some kind of Jedi Mind Trick in them." Police

credit the girl for helping to defuse the standoff

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