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The black dollar EP

Soundcloud Version - 04 Junkie

Later released on June 25th

04 Junkie


Extra infoEdit

Stella placed some personal notes along the track

Stella V says at 0:01:

Probably hard to believe with everything that's happened, but when Jake wrote this song, it wasn't about drugs.

Stella V says at 0:25:

He said he was a junkie for me.

Stella V says at 0:52:

If I'm honest with myself ... I was addicted to him, too. Was?

Stella V says at 1:30:

"Beautiful days ahead, burning in the sun." I sometimes wonder if he had any idea what he was getting himself into.

Stella V says at 2:13:

"Raise your hands" was our little surrender. Jake wasn't much into dancing, but I managed to get him to lift his limbs. More than a few times.

Stella V says at 2:48:

I didn't think it was possible, but listening to this makes me miss him even more. I should probably stop torturing myself.

Stella V says at 3:31:

Come back, Jake. Please.

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