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Posted 25th of October 2014


Alphanumerically speaking, things have lined up to be fairly black and white this week. Take this number, look at it in a different light and shift right by one. Connect the old and the new. Then look inward to find the solution.


Hint 1

Is there a different way you can represent the number? Maybe one where "shift right by one" makes sense?

Also keep in mind you need that number as it is without breaking it.

Hint 2

"things have lined up" and "connect the old and the new" are pretty key here. Try looking at the solutions for the rest of the week and comparing them to your number seen "in a different light."


2475564468482 in binary is 100100000001100011001001000000100100000010.

Applying a logical shift right to that number gives us 010010000000110001100100100000010010000001.

Connect the solutions to the last week's puzzles end to end like so: Qa6Qa7Qc8Qb8terminalwhitedrawnlinesdarkness

"things have lined up to be fairly black and white this week" so we'll line up our number and letters on top of each other.



Now, based on position with those strings left-aligned, separate out the characters in the first string that correspond to the 1's in the second. You'll notice that the binary number is 1 digit shorter than the other string. This isn't important.

The letters are "aatenaheiss" which is an anagram for "anaesthesia." takes you to a new Stella video called Abduction .