10 December, 2014

Koori Dreamtime02:51

Koori Dreamtime


“Koori” is what a large portion of the indigenous people of Australia call themselves -- the name is used to describe many different tribes and cultures spread out over the entire continent. So when I talk about the Koori, I mean a large spectrum of aboriginal Australian civilization. The Koori were and are dreamers, in the most profound sense of the word. Dreamtime – as they call it -- is linked to the Koori’s deep connection to their past. To their Truth. Their insatiable curiosity and constant inquisitiveness have led them to wonder -- might it be that we live in order to dream? That dreaming is our highest state of consciousness and our waking lives are merely the housekeeping required to attain it?

So what exactly is Dreamtime? Well, to each Koori it means different things. But its common theme is a reverence for the dream-state and the idea that you can channel it in order to access your entire ancestry -- all the way back to the origins of the world itself. Now, this revelation freed the Koori from the bounds of this Earth while also humbling them to its infinite grandeur. This heightened awareness of nature and themselves allowed them to flourish in one of the planet’s most challenging environments. In other words, the Koori literally practiced mind over matter. The wandering Koori came to know their terrain so well that country and countryman became one, a symbiotic relationship that future interlopers found nearly impossible to emulate.

Now, of all the stories of the downfall of the 12 Lines, the Koori’s is possibly the most heartbreaking. Their spirituality, their commune with their environment, left the trusting Koori wide open to conquest -- and much like the indigenous population of the Americas -- were systematically wiped out, very nearly to extinction. So we honor them for what they once were, and we support them as they continue to fight for survival until this very day.

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