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Posted on 14th November 2014



Counting on slots at a casino is rarely a wise decision.

Hint 1

Awaiting proper solve path

Hint 2

Awaiting proper solve path


Start by looking up Playing Card Nicknames.

Cowboy = King
Hen = Queen
Hook = Jack
Clover = Ace of Clubs
Snowman = 8
Boat = 4

Translating the symbols on the slot machine results in the following cards:

8 4 K A 4

Notice the "BAR"s on the slot machine and the "Counting" clue.

Letters can be assigned numbers 1 through 26 based on their position in the alphabet. When adding two numbers to get 26 letters, however, you only need the values 1 through 13. Without a zero, however, you need to be able to sum negative numbers as well, since 1 + 1 = 2 (B) misses the letter A. So, when converting letters to numbers, for A through M we count the letters from the beginning of the alphabet; for the letters N through Z we count from the end of the alphabet for negative numbers. So:

A = 1, J = 10, K = 11, (ZYXWVUTSR are 9 letters), Q = -10

    8   4  11   1   4
   11  10 -10  10   1
  --- --- --- --- --- ("---" = BAR)
   19  14   1  11   5
    S   N   A   K   E  leads to a page called Accident Report.


Vehicle was WBHWY290. Eleven Miles E(east) of (Elgim ? ).

No brake marks seen.

Vehicle veered off road and collided with ??? at moderate speed.

Victim pronounced by coroner at scene.

Victim thrown partially through windshield due to seatbelt failure.

Cause of death appears as lose of blood to large neck laceration.

Empty child seat thrown though unlocked rear door.

No sign of second victim.

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