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Posted on 01 December, 2014



Hello, Students. I hope you have been well. I've had a nice break and I'm excited to be back. This video was taken last week but my Dad and I have talked and I want you to know that we've patched things up. He's explained a lot to me, about who all of these people are, and the lies they've been telling. I will explain more later, but in the meantime, while we get a fresh start, I'm sure you'll pay careful attention to everything I post this week. -S


Stella: Hey guys, so I'm still not sure what to make of all this and obviously I need to sort it out. Um, it doesn't look like I can trust my father or anyone else at this moment, so I'm gonna leave. I found a place where I can lay low um, I had to sneak out a few times to find it, and it took me a while but I finally got it. I don't think Pinstripe knew that I was gone either which is good. Uh, the new place definitely is not the penthouse but it will definitely work for now. I gotta say I am really really excited about it! I think it's --

Pinstripe: (off camera) Stel? You decent?

Stella: Uh, yeah!....Hey, P...what's up?

Pinstripe: We need to talk. Stella: Oh...yeah...sure, what's going on?

Pinstripe: I'm sorry but you're not going anywhere. There's no place you can "lay low," Stella. Wayland wanted me to be clear about that. In fact there are a lot of things Wayland wanted to be clear about. 

Stella: So what is this, you've been listening to me the whole time? Spying on me?

Pinstripe: Protecting you, Stel.

Stella: Oh my...

Pinstripe: From your friends, from yourself...You know how dangerous --

Stella: Don't lie to me!

Pinstripe: Stella...

Stella: Look, I AM leaving, and you can tell my Dad that it's too late. He can't control me anymore.

Pinstripe: I understand you're upset... Stella: Look, there are too many people out there who know what's going on. He can just make me disappear anymore!

Pinstripe: C'mon, Stel... No one wants you to disappear. We just want to help you do even better than you already have!

Stella: What? I don't need your help or my Dad's. So either you let me leave...or unfor--

Pinstripe: Or what?? I don't think you fully understand or appreciate what I'm saying. Your father has had enough. This conversation is over!

Stella: No P, don't!!

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