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Posted on 15 December 2014

Leo the Magician04:37

Leo the Magician

For all of you wondering about the mysterious cameraman. :)


- Well, I'm safe. An old friend was generous enough to take me in. That's Leo making coffee. Leo, I am introducing you.

- Remind me what we're doing again?

- I told you like six times (laughs).

- Oh, hello students and cheers to your health.

- (laughs) So Leo used to work at the Vyctory until about two-

- Two and a half years-

- Years ago. And just before he took of he actually left me a note that was very unique- - You can talk about me like I'm in the room 'cause I am.

- You're in the room?

- Yeah.

- You're not a hologram?

- No.

Amazing. - Oh my God.

- So I left you a note when I was on the run.

- Yes, and said that if things ever got weird that I knew where to find you.

- You're here so I'm thinking things got weird? (sighs) Yeah. Did I ever tell you what happened to me?

- No, it seemed like one of those things you didn't really want to talk about so-

- I didn't but you reached out, so long story short time?

- Your call.

- My name is Leo and I'm a magician.

- Oh God, hi, Leo.

- Hi. Okay, I worked at the resort for five years and, um, I started working about two and half months before I left in the fantasy suites, you know, with all the high rollers, where all the money is. Anyway, at the time I was working a party and I was sort of rebooting a classic illusion, the vanishing woman, from the twenties. Now that sounds cheesy but trust me the work was on point. Anyway, so I make the woman vanish at the party, "Ahh, ooh," right? Then I bring her back except when I try to bring her back the woman is gone, like, CSI: Vegas gone. And that's when things get really nasty. Your dad sends a couple of guys, they whisk me away underground through some tunnels. They keep me in a room for a long time. Then another guy I've never met before comes in with a briefcase, half a million dollars in chips. I nod at him, he nods at me, he gives me the briefcase, they send me to my room. A week later I plot my escape and I'm gone.

- (sighs) What about the money?

- The money I left with a very attactive cocktail waitress named Marissa. Turns out, I didn't need it. I had skimmed enough from the whales at the gaming tables to keep me in pretty lamps for a long time. (laughs)

- You know I should be shocked by this but, by this point, it's pretty impossible.

- Want to see something cool, though?

- Yes.

- Well, believe it or not, this is the first time I've done magic for someone since I left the Vyctory.

- What, what? Oh my God, Leo.

- It's just for the trick.

- Ugh.

- When you're alone and on the lamb, as you'll soon learn, you need a bit of levity. Point at the cigarette, point. That does it. There you go, point down. Thank you.


I'll take over from here. Call it toward you.

- Over here.

- There you go.

- Uhhh...

- Freaks you out a little, huh?

- (laughs) Yeah.

- No strings, no wires, just a little bit of hometown amazement.

- What?

- Oh God.

- I don't know, did it suck?

- It's no big deal. Well, you know, my dad used to take me to the magic shows all the time.

- Your dad is a man who knows how to do a bit of a vanishing act, tell me about it.

- Well, you know, I could do that in my sleep really. (laughs)

- Did he really take you to shows?

- Yeah, all the time to try to, you know, have me see through the tricks and lies and deception and all that but I actually have no idea how you did that.

- Then, I'll work for you.

- That's one for you.

- Our work here is done.

- Thanks, Leo.

- Your welcome, kid.

Want some more, uh, cream?

- Sure (laughs).

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