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Posted on 17th of October 2014


I hope well that this one seems like it's hidden in plain sight, but in reality it's not what it first seems. 

Diminish by DXXIX, lest it get out of control. 

Even then, the end of the path is not reached, though it may appear to be. 

Skillfully tread until you find yourself the classical name of the day in a specific year.


P.S. Students. Please be aware that my challenges will get more difficult from Monday to Friday of each week. This challenge is difficult indeed, but I assure you it is fair. The minor adjustments this morning changed nothing, but were meant to highlight some critical elements. 

Also, please remember, I’m not Caesar on his throne. All of us are a work in progress, right? ;)

Hint 1

The numbers at the bottom (1915912 ) could easily be turned into a date 1915 9 12 . But the lack of a zero and the sentence  "it's not what it first seems" should tell you something is wrong about this date format

Hint 2

If you managed to get the date in the right format (and the right time with math) you will have to look for a certain name for that date. Something in the way the text is formated might help


Subract from 1915912 the value of 529 (the roman numbers) . Convert this from a Julian calendar format to a regular one to get the date of 13 of January 532. This day in the Julian calendar was called Ides of January.


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