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Posted on 19 February 2015


Keep it short...


Hint 1

Think why the hidden numbers aren't just numbers

Hint 2

Remember all you get out of this puzzle, you should keeep it short


In the wall there is some morse code that be translated  to /01 /02 and /03

Using the keeping it short gives us 3 short links that leads to that leads to that leads to

Once again keeping it short we can get from the 3 links the following

DJ / EN (Airline code) / NE (stock code)

All together they give djenne leads to Even a Thing



Is Wayland Vyctory Even a Thing? 07/07/04

Tip to creepy billionare developers: when you buy up half of the fastest growing city in the United States, people tend to notice, even if you don't want them to.

Wayland Vyctory started buying land in Las Vegas nearly 20 years ago. Or at least, that's when he admitted it. If it was up to him, he'd still biting off parcels in secret like an invisible snapping turtle that's also probably a crook. But when bizarro shell companies headquatered in the Cayman Islands gobble up big chunks pf America's Playground, the Las Vegas City Council will eventually rouse itself from it bribery-and-stripper-induced stupor, rub the skin glitter out of its eyes and take notice.

The vote was closer than it should have been, with votes switsching back and forth by the day, almost as if truckloads of money were arriving at council members' houses, prompting them to switch, and then they would switch back to extort more. But eventually they decided that they needed a face to go with the bland nonsense company names. (GeoStar Holdings? Seriously? You might as well call your company MoneyLaunder, Inc.) But they didn't get a face. They got a name: Wayland Vyctory.

One problem, that name has a paper trail, that's thinner than the Olsen twins. Here's what we know about Wayland Vyctory before he surfaced in Vegas: (sounds of crickets).

Nothing. No one even knows where he got his billions. Yeah, that's not suspicious. So, where did it come from? Russian oligarchs? Columbian drug money? Internet whatervers?

What we do know: He has money. He has a daughter that no one's allowed to see.(Yeah, I'm sure she'll turn out great.) He likes land in Vegas. That's it.

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