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Posted on 31st October 2014


As you should well know by now, the powers of corruption never sleep. And while the Minoans flourished on Crete, their neighbors to the north, on the Greek mainland, looked upon them with jealousy. Soon thereafter, when Minoans returned from their long journeys, they would find the armies of Mycanae waiting for them. The fighting lasted for decades. And the Minoans would not give up.

But sometimes, when war stretches on and on, you can risk losing sight of what you’re fighting for. And the Minoans, whose Truth was based on the long view, grew short-sighted.

The needs of their wars meant they could not sail as far as they used to. Without access to that trade, they were forced to mine their own land for the materials they needed to fight.

And so the Minoans became one of the earliest civilizations to learn what it’s like to win the battle but lose the war. Because the cost of repelling the invaders was the wholesale destruction of the very island they were trying to protect.

When the Minoans realized how far they had fallen, their culture collapsed almost overnight, and they were subsumed into Mycanae.

Sometimes, I like to imagine an elderly Minoan captain, too old to keep sailing, but still able to remember when he lead a fleet to the other end of the world. The long view survives – even if it’s only seen by a handful at a time.

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