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Posted on 20 March 2015

Pas Invite01:13

Pas Invite

Once again, it's time to party!

When: Doors open at 5:00PM PDT (GMT -7), March 28th, 2015

Where: Pasadena Convention Center , Pasadena, CA

I hope you can make it! Everyone who comes will be eligible to choose a Line and sign up for a beta invitation to my training app. And if Pasadena is out of range for you, don't worry, I'll be streaming the event below, and to my Youtube channel , beginning at 5:30PM.

ETA: Plus, we'll be putting info here on this website for AncSoc Students at the event to receive a special token of our appreciation.

As for the rest of my most devoted Students, I'm working on a way to award you a Stella Ingress Badge real soon, so stay tuned for that. Because after all, you've been with me from the beginning (and there's much, much more to come).

ETA 4:15pm: For those in Pasadena, look for a man wearing a fez with a question mark on it. Tell him the name of Robyn's mother, and he'll give you something in return.

ETA 5:04pm: There's a new link for the live feed:


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