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Posted on 23 February 2015

Mashed Potatoes02:00

Mashed Potatoes


- Hi.

- Hi!

- Hi.

- Hi!

- Is that what you brought to have signed?

- Yeah, I'm a really big fan of the site, the videos, In one of them, you actually mention my favorite movie of all the time. So, I thought, hey, why not? Right?

- Aliens.

- Aliens! Yeah.

- Um, who should I make it out to?

- It's Robyn with a "Y." Actually, could you write, um, "To Robyn, you're so cool, it honestly terrifies me. Love, Stella."

- How about I just -- ?

- I'm totally kidding. It's a joke. "Thanks for the close encounter, don't be a stranger?" How about that?

- I was thinking like, "Best Wishes."

- That's really boring.

- How about I just write my name? That's easy.

- Wow, you're a lot more complicated than I thought you'd be in person.

- I don't really think it's me.

- Okay, well, you know. I feel like I'm annoying you.

- No, no, no, not at all.

- I think you're lying.

- Okay, uh, I have a long line, I'm really sorry, can we just ...

- Yeah, absolutely. You know, I almost brought you a bowl of mashed potatoes, but I thought that'd probably be super strange.

- Yeah, bring a bowl of mashed potatoes. That'd be kinda weird.

- Oh, sarcasm.

- Yeah, I'm so sorry, I really don't mean to be rude, I just have a lot of people --

- No, you're not being rude, I'm being rude, actually.

- Okay.

- If you could just wait, um, hey, I'm not some serial killer, alright? Do I look like a serial killer? And assuming I have really good intentions, like, why would I go through all this trouble to get so close to you unless it was really important. Am I right? So, all I'm asking for is ten minutes of your time, worst case scenario, I'm like some super-weird fangirl that, like, needs a BFF. So, I have a really great hotel room, actually, I convinced the concierge that I was her long lost niece, and she's an only child, so do the math, am I right? She set me up, Planet Hollywood, penthouse. 8 pm. Can I see you there? I'll get snacks. I'll have room service bring snacks, okay?

- Uh, okay. - Okay, great, thanks, bye!

- Bye.

Hi. That was weird.

Follow your heart. You're Olmec? I'll take it.

Extra InfoEdit

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Mashed Potatoes02:40

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Mashed Potatoes

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