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Posted on 22 April 2015



Hint 1

Letters can be turned into numbers in more than one way

Hint 2


First looking at:


Some addition must be done and thus the letters must be turned to numbers. They are all, also, CAPS so that is significant. When you convert the letters to ASCII you get the following:

H (72) + O (79) + L (76) + Y (89) + B(66) + I (73) + B(66) + L (76) + E (69) = 666 = Devil

Then the next line has the following:

78N + 16O + 5CO2 + 1Ar

Just adding the numbers up, gives us 100, thus perhaps they are percentages. Looking at the letters, with one set having an upper and lower case, and thinking the numbers are percentages gives us a clue… If we assume the letters are elements we have the rough percentages of gasses we exhale, or our breath. This coupled with the fact that it looks like the text is coming out of the mouth of the mask leads us to... “78N + 16O + 5CO2 + 1Ar” = breath.

Ergo, the ONE and ONLY answer:

Devil’s Breath


The article in Grams and Harrigan

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