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Posted on 27 October 2014

Minoans The Long Game

Minoans The Long Game

The Minoans had extraordinary vision. They understood that their culture would not last forever, but ensured that many of their ideas and ideals would continue. We’re still benefitting from their legacy.


Okay, first things first... the Minoans were not actually Minoans. At least not in the linguistic sense.

The truth is, we actually have no idea what they called themselves. The Minoan name was given to them by Arthur Evans, the English archaeologist who unearthed the palace Knossos on the Greek island of Crete around the turn of the 20th century. Evans established the concept of Minoan civilization based on his findings of Knossos, and he named them after the mythological King Minos. I know you know the one: Famous king of Crete, son of Zeus had Daedalus build the Labyrinth to house the Minotaur. That old tale. Now why did Evans get to name these people? Because no one was ever able to decipher their language, so for the sake of sanity I will stick to calling them Minoans. Now, a lot of romantic myths have been put forward about these ancient seafarers chiefly among them that their matriarchal peace-loving society was corrupted around the 15th century BCE by patriarchal warmongering cultures of the North.

The truth is, the Minoans were actually just as brutal as any ancient society, but using violence to defend yourself and your resources doesn't preclude you from being cooperative, which they were. the Minoans were also fiercely focused on the long-term.

The greed and shortsightedness our modern age was largely absent from their social order, but yes they were also corrupted. The Mycenaeans and later the Dorians brought with them a virus. A virus of rapacious acquisitiveness and conquest. Cultural priorities shifted from cooperation, protection and respect to unfettered extraction. And here we are nearly 4,000 years later, and Stage Four commercialism is ravaging our body politic. All you have to do is walk down any street pretty much anywhere, and you can literally hear the death rattle of the current system. A return to the Ancient Truth is imminent, students, and you will be at the forefront up this transformation. We honor the Minoans for what they stood for and avenge what befell them.

As always, thank you for your loyalty.

We'll be together again soon...

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