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Posted on 18 April 2015


So Nori told me she's headed back to Japan for a while and sent me this. Says it's translated from an old Mu tablet. You guys have any ideas?

He walked alongside us but came from above us.

He was of us but more than us.

He was knowledge and he was strength.

He could take but he only gave.

He was a sword that was never unsheathed.

He was a warrior and he was mercy.

He was betrayed by others as were we.

Death sought to claim him. We could not allow it.

A ritual was performed and a sacrifice made.

The stone channeled our power.

He was no longer among us, now he was one of us.

Bonded. Eternal.

He is them but he is us.

Death could not claim him then.

Death can never claim him.

Now he walks for eternity.

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