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Posted on 9th of October 2014


The Mu are believed to be the first advanced human civilization. They came from a legendary continent - often referred to as Atlantis - that is believed to have been wiped out in an unnamed catastrophe in the far past. Modern understanding of geoclimate and plate tectonics say that such a continent is impossible. As we know, modern understanding is often very wrong.

Mu map

Name: The Lost Continent of Mu

Continent: Mu

Time Period: 50,000-12,000 BCE

Succeeded/Conquered By: Many

Currently: Pacific Ocean

There’s an entire industry devoted to debunking discoveries about the Mu.  Why are they trying so hard? Are they actively hiding things from us, or are they afraid of what they might find out?

Of all the 12 Lines, the Mu are the most mysterious, with deep secrets that are yet to be revealed. Even my father is sometimes a little cagey about them - something about being here "before everything". We will be spending a lot of time on the Mu - eventually - but we have a lot to do before we get there.