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Posted on 11 April 2015



Hint 1

Remember weekly challenge so al of the previous week's answers are needed

Hint 2

Notice that each movie has a / before the name... Like in a website link


First, you try to fit the answers from the previous weeks into the spaces, but when that doesn’t work, you try the names of the movies the answers are from (or in the case of the last one, its sequel), but without spaces:

The Slime People Day of the Triffids Uchūjin Tokyo ni Arawaru or Uchujin Tokyo ni Arawaru (in Japanese) This Island Earth Critters 2 the Main Course Then, using the subtle clue of a slash after each theater name, you try these as links and find that they all lead to classic 50’s Sci-Fi film trailers:

You then look at the corresponding Theater number as compared with the names of the movies:

  • Theater 8: The Thing from Another World
  • Theater 5: Forbidden Planet
  • Theater 4: Godzilla, King of the Monsters
  • Theater 9: Flight to Mars
  • Theater 6: When Worlds Collide

You then index the number against the movie titles:

  • The Thin[g] from Another World (8)
  • Forb[i]dden Planet (5)
  • God[z]illa, King of the Monsters (4)
  • Flight to [M]ars (9)
  • When W[o]rlds Collide (6)

This reveals Gizmo, who was one of the aliens in the movie GREMLINS. GIZMO is the answer.


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