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Posted on 8th November 2014


My friend lost her big smelly cat

Which would always come up when we’d chat

She told me at work

Take this flyer, you jerk

And that’s how we got in this spat.

There once was a soldier who’d boast

Of bravely defending his post

Behind him I tread

“Shots fired!” I said,

And he ran like he spotted a ghost.

I have made but a few mistakes

As Kurtis Blow said, "that’s the breaks”

Some puzzles are hard

Some leave you scarred

But together we’re raising the stakes.

The student misunderstands fear

It is something you want to keep near

Use it and you find

It will focus your mind

And keep all your thoughts very clear.

There once was a Mu from Atlantis

Who’s pet was a huge preying mantis

One day it was mating

And while procreating

Lost his head while performing romantics.

I knew a Minoan named Midas

Who suffered a case of arthritis

They examined his glands

And touched his pained hands

Which created a great golden crisis.

How does a lit candle show life

As the fire cuts deep like a knife

Burning wax dripping down

Where the fire will drown

Death comes to us all with his scythe.

The golden ratio will be seen

Throughout all of nature it seems

It's power does stagger us

Even outdoes Pythagoras

Those Greeks, they had quite the scene. 

Hint 1

Remember this is the last puzzle of the week so you will need the previous 5 solves

Hint 2

Hint straight from Stella

Well here is a solving enhancer

This isn’t complex

The words that are next

May help you to discover the answer


Locate in the text names of the landing pages or the answer of the 5 puzzles in the text 

  1. “Shots fired!” I said,
  2. The golden ratio will be seen
  3. How does a lit candle show life
  4. Take this flyer, you jerk
  5. The student misunderstands fear

Picking  up the word after each of the words related to the previous puzzles you will get I will show you fear

This is a line from T. S. Eliot poem The Waste Land leads to the video Why Me?

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