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Posted on 7th February 2015


Another week has gone. Have you been paying attention?


Hint 1

Check the image for some letters. Also remember this week theme.

Hint 2

If you are having problems finding the right string of letters it is VZZEDAQXKEQGHVMPKEW. Now figure how to use  the week theme with it


This week the theme was Sidekicks

Monday - Vrijdag (Friday) - sidekick of Robinson Crusoe

Tuesday - Goose -  sidekick of Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in Top Gun

Wednesday - Trinity -  sidekick of Neo in Matrix

Thursday - Teller - "sidekick" of Penn in Penn and Teller

Friday - Yoshi - Mario sidekick in the Super Mario games

So vigenere VZZEDAQXKEQGHVMPKEW with the word sidekicks wil give you DRWATSONSMIDDLENAME

Dr. Watson's middle name is Hamish takes you to Looney Tunes


The video Looney Tunes

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