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Posted on 6 April 2015




Hint 1

Where would you get RGB values in the image ?

Hint 2

Now that you have values see which ones stand out of the rest. Do they go over 26 ?


Official Solution:

When you look closely at the colored sequence and letter RGB sequence then look at the RGB values of each line, you find that the R, G, or B values changes each time. Thus for the first color we have:

R = 3 G = 100 B = 100

For the other 7 lines, it follows the order of RGB and thus we have:

G = 18 (R&B = 100) B = 9 (R&G = 100) R = 20 (B&G = 100) G = 20 (R&B = 100) B = 5 (R&G = 100) R = 18 (B&G = 100) G = 19 (R&B = 100)

If you index the numbered value of the color to the alphabet (letters to numbers), and follow the RGB pattern, you get:



The image of the weapon in Mu Shotgun

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