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Posted on 9 April 2015


When I was a twelve, I lost a pair of sunglasses.


They were way too big for my face and I probably looked ridiculous, but I felt cool. I thought they made me look like Trinity from The Matrix. When I put those cheap sunglasses on, I suddenly felt like I could kick anyone’s ass.

Then one day, I couldn’t find them. I was sure I had put them down on the dresser in my room. I searched everywhere for them. I even got Pinstripe to have security do a sweep of the hotel. Nothing. It was like a portal had opened up and swallowed them.

Eventually, I bought another pair and moved on. Years later I found them, just gathering dust under my bed. To this day, I have no idea how they got there.

I was elated to find them, but a few weeks later, I lost them again. Something makes me think I’ll find them again some day.

Old things have a way of coming back .

As you know, Students, objects are important. They connect us to the past we’ve lost. The past we’re fighting to reclaim.

It’s important to pay attention not only to the people, but the things, we surround ourselves with. Because just like my big dumb Trinity sunglasses, the objects in your life can give you strength.

What about you, Students? What is the one object that ties you to your past? That makes you feel strong?

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