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Posted on 9 April 2015



Stella did you get my video ? I think I found one. An EC. It's enormous. at least the part that I can see. Who knows how deep into the earth it goes ? I can already hear you scoffing. But hear me out. It's pyramid. But it is not in Egypt. It's in China. A local guide took me in to Qin Ling Mountains. She said she was gonna show me something that only human eyes can see. It can't be picked up by satellites. It's another burial mound like the ones in Xian, but different. This one is gleaming, bright white. The other pyramids in Xian those are burial tombs for humans. But something else is buried here!

I touched the thing Stella. I touched it with my own two hands! You know what is buried in there? Power, Stella. Power!

Ok.Be careful I will call you back soon.

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