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Posted on 18 April 2015


Retrograde syzygy...

Hint 1

Remember this is the weekly challenge, so you will need all of the week challenges answers

Hint 2

straight line (syzygy)



You first notice that there are 5 orbits, which correspond to the 5 previous puzzles of the week. You then notice that one satellite in each orbit is different than the rest. You further notice that the number of satellites in each orbit corresponds to the number of letters in each of the week’s answers.

Lastly, you notice that 5 satellites seem to be aligned in a straight line (syzygy). So you decide to have each satellite represent a letter of an answer, with the unique one being the first letter and the word progressing clockwise (retrogade). After a little trial and error (since there are 2 orbits with 10 satellites), you see the aligned letters spell out a word: ASTRA (which is a series of satellites from Luxemburg).


The text in More Than Us

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