This video was first made available via the Magic Show puzzle and later on 13th of October it was posted in the blog with the text

"'Hello, Students. This is the first of many lessons that will convey important ideas and information that will help us all on our journey to the Truth. This lesson was found by many of our fellow community members last week, and to them we should all be grateful. I look forward to your thoughtful comments."


I want you to listen to me because this is important. We are all suffering from a species wide version of PTSD. 10,000 years ago we replaced the egalitarian, nomadic tribes  with an agrarian system. A system inherently stratified and destructive. Yes, this meant we no longer had to chase down our food to survive. But, civilization, ended up growing into some kind of cannibal virus. We turned on each other. We fed on each other instead. Kings, queens, despots, and demigods of every stripe slithered into existence. Priests and false prophets, power hungry men and women claiming personal ties to divinity. And slaves, slaves thrown by the hundreds of millions into a meat grinder to fund this ongoing socio-economic warfare. For thousands of years we have internalized this nightmare. So much that it is now imprinted on our DNA. We are wounded veterans returning from World War Zero, and most of us suppress these memories so we that can carry on. But those of us who refuse to hide from it, well, here we are.

This is a piece of jade, almost 3,000 years old from an Olmec face mask. It was my mother’s, she gave it to me. Well, she didn't give it to me; she was already dead. But my father said that  she would want me to have it.  I have no memory of her. She died on a regular Saturday morning, when I was two, in this, brutal car accident that I somehow survived. Dad was travelling. She was wearing this (looks to necklace). We’re all a product of our traumas, right? Whether they be from thousands of years in our genetic past, our childhoods or much closer still. Students, to get all the way back to the truth, we must forge a path. We must push our traumas, both new and old, aside. So, what about you, hmm? Do you have the stomach to face yours down?   We shall see. Get ready.