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Posted on 8 May 2015


Today's Challenge is built to develop your skills of pathfinding, observation and translation.

Hint 1

Braille  - check how the numbers are made

Treat the padlock maze separate  and use all the letters in it

Hint 2


Players first look at the lock and the puzzle there. Working through the maze, touching each button once, and ending on the keyhole leads to: MUSAQuietDarwin

Then noticing the braille and translating it to:

#ba.bjjhhe (LOCK) -#hf.gbeggi

In Braille, the # at the beginning of the first part and after the minus sign in the second part indicate that what follows is to be interpreted as numeric digits. Switching over to numbers, it becomes:

21.200885 (LOCK) -86.725779

These numbers look familiar and are GPS numbers, which leads to a spot in the ocean near Cancun . Looking in that area of the ocean is MUSA !

Putting the two together leads to figuring out what “Quiet Darwin” has to do with MUSA. Looking through the various works at MUSA leads to the piece La Evolución Silenciosa or The Silent Evolution .

Thus the answer of today is Jason de Caires Taylor’s piece:

Silent Evolution


The message in A Good Boy Does What He's Told

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