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Posted on 1 May 2015


Today's Challenge will help you develop your skills of pattern recognition and cryptography:

Paths within paths can lead to a fount of great knowledge.


Hint 1

To get a BETA invite you need to solve this MAZE

Hint 2

After you get all the letters you will need to make a continuous path starting at i using all letters to get a quote


You make the leap from the hint (fount) that this pattern must be some sort of font or substitution cipher in addition to a maze. Doing a little research, you find the Betamaze font .


Decoding the pattern, you get:


You discover a hidden word trail (a path within a path):


This gives: I hate the water and i hate being wet and I hate you.

A little research reveals this a quote from Willie Scott, who was Indiana Jones’ female sidekick in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Answer: Willie Scott 


The bill in Activity Request

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