Revealed on 15th November via the Echo Chamber challenge

On the 20 November 2014 it was released publicly




I had another horrible, horrible dream. That monstrous voice, you know the one that says it's "uncorrupted?" All of these...accusations! These lies! This gibberish! That guy Greg?

Sending me crazy random bits of nonsense?? What do they want from me? Why are they saying all of this? I mean who says just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you? I'm not even sure I know who "they" are! I just...I feel like...the reason I was put here, why - the reason I was born, is - it's opening up all of these doors into these rooms that I'm not sure I even want to see into. I mean I knew it wasn't gonna be easy, but all I talk about is Truth and I feel like the last thing anyone wants to tell ME is the TRUTH! I'm stuck in this deafening echo chamber where I don't even know who to trust.

I'm sorry, I...I shouldn't be saying all of this. God, especially not in front of my father, I just - I feel like I can trust you guys, and sometimes I feel like you're the only ones I can trust, and sometimes I'm not even sure about that! I'm sorry. I'm just...ever since I started this community, I - it feels like we're building out like crazy, but that the walls are closing in, just as fast, and I know that we are close, but sometimes I just can't figure out close to what! I mean, what the hell am I missing?? Dad made it all seem so clear, but now it's just this...confusing nightmare! I'm probably just getting paranoid...over nothing, right? I mean it's all in my head. Yeah, well, my head is the only thing that

I have, and now I need eyes in the back of it. So I need you guys to tell me, am I crazy??


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