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Posted on 18 December 2014

Phone Video02:00

Phone Video


- So here we are, with our first post-game interview with Jake. He has just met Stella's father. We wanna see how it went.

- Hello, Jake.

- Hey.

- So. A play-by-play. How did it go?

- It was good.

- It was good?

- Yeah, it was fine.

- Fine, now? Jake, I thought it went exceedingly well.

- Let's not do this now, huh?

- What's wrong?

- Nothing.

- Are you OK?

- Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

- Well, I just, it's the first time you met my dad, so I just thought.

- Well I - I thought you guys really hit it off! He really liked you.

- [Jake] No, I did. I liked him too. It's just. It's nothing. It's probably, it's probably just me. I just.

- Did he say something?

- No. I just felt weird. But that happens.

- Well what do you mean weird, though, Babe? I don't want you to

- It wasn't like he was weird. I don't know. I felt weird.

- OK. Uh, you want me to say something to him, or like?

- No. Look, it was, it was probably me. It's not him.

- OK

- Hey, I'm glad you thought it went well.

- Yeah. He seemed to really like you though.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Yeah

- I love you.

- I love you too.

- The only thing I care about is that you and I are happy.

- Oh, me too.

- I want to make this work. And at any time, you could stop filming.

- (laughs) I forgot! (laughs) You looks so good!

- Thank you, thank you.

- Alright, this is Stella and Jake out.

- [Jake] Hopefully your dad thought so too.

- Oh I know he did. Alright, until next time, good-bye. Good luck.

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