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Posted on 23 January 2015


Students, we must broaden our connection with the Truth.

With our activities thus far having been confined to digital spaces, it’s easy to get disconnected from the tangible, physical Truth.

Like Lévy-Brühl’s participation mystique, we are bound to the Truth that surrounds us. Let us not fall into the trap of considering the Truth as something that lies “out there,” somehow beyond our personal reach. If we are to dive deeper into our individual truths - and those of the 12 Ancient Lines - we must sanctify our surrounding environment.

If the Truth doesn’t permeate the spaces we live, it will forever be confined to the prism of our mind. While the first step of the Truth is changing minds, the time will come when we must graduate to the world of external influence. That begins at home.

Already, we are bound together on this journey. It is my hope that one day we might meet face to face, but until that time, we must do our best to extend the Truth into every corner of our separate lives. Until now, this extension has been a metaphorical one, aligning with the perennial elements of each Line’s Truth. It’s time that connection be made literal.

Look around you. Does what you see speak to your deepest truth?

When you exist in your home, in your daily spaces, do they evoke a feeling of transparency to the transcendence of the 12 Ancient Lines? Does the base act of existing in your quotidian routine elicit truthful energies within you?

If not, I suggest you join me in taking steps toward consecrating these places. The change we want the Truth to bring to the world starts with our own.

How will you bring the Truth into your world, Students?

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