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Posted on 23 May 2015



Hint 1

As a Saturday puzzle, we know we need to use the solutions to the weekday Challenges. There's only one way they fit. Arrange the letters by color first, then by shade.

Hint 2

Ignore the synonym part of the clue. It only helps if you just happen to have the colors in the right order and, if you look at Wikipedia or other web sites dedicated to the subject, it has a totally different meaning there than on the "official solution" page *, so you'd likely be going in the wrong direction anyway.  The solution itself is not a synonym - in fact, it's not even a word.



Fill in the crossword-like grid with the solutions for the weekday puzzles based on their number of letters. There are two solutions with 10 letters, but once the 12-letter solution is filled in across, those only fit in specific places.

Take the letters from the squares with similarly colored circles and order them from darkest to lightest. (Note that there is one square with three circles - one yellow and two green ones, one square with two circles - a red and a green, and one square where it is difficult to see the circle because it is a very light gray, almost white, color.) The result is the words "ACTOR", "NAME", "SAL", "TESSIO" and "DAY".

The name of the actor who played Sal Tessio in The Godfather  TV Series was Abe Vigoda. The word "day" implies his birthday which was February 24, 1921. The answer has to fit 8 characters, so the solution is the numeric form of his birthday,

* (from Hint #2) Even if you happened to have the colors in the right sequence to put the two words "name day" together in that order, Wikipedia and other web sites say that a person's "name day" is based on their given name, so Abe Vigoda's "name day" would be the same day as any other "Abe" or "Abraham", not Feb. 24th, and varies depending on the country, according to



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