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Posted on 27 March 2015



Stella, it's John.  Look, I know you know that was my SUV outside your place.  I'm not an idiot. After everything, I thought you'd give me more credit than that. You know what? It's fine.  I understand that I've lost your respect. Honestly, I don't care. I'm just glad you're okay. 

There's something I need to tell you. I wanted to tell you in person. That's why I sat there day after day in that dumb SUV. I thought you'd come down with a baseball bat [EDITOR note: or jijitsu or an ancient dagger??] and we'd have it out, and then Wayland would just think I'd slipped up and had gotten caught, and I'd have a chance to tell you.

Stella, I've known you since you were a little kid. Pretty much your whole life. Yes, I was following Wayland's orders, keeping you in that ridiculous casino, which I always hated, by the way. But I was also protecting you from Wayland. Is that really so hard to believe?  And now, after everything, I can see that you don't need my protection any more. 

Stella, I did something that's going to get me into big trouble. I want you to know that I did it for you. I hope it changes the way you think of me.  And I hope it makes you happy. 

Gotta go.

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