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Posted on 5th December 2014



Hint 1

Alien semiotic standard icons by scotch and soda-d351v1c
The icons are based on the original images used in the cargo bay of the movie Alien. This does not help in finding the solve but it fits the theme involving this solve.

Hint 2

Try assigning a letter to each symbol and then do some replacements. The text you are looking for is in english.


Path #1: 

Assigning a letter to each symbol you will get the text 

ab cdefghij hgk jlh

mdegk lhfjhnm akfomb

pobl cejb lhf qab blh

gdjbfdrd cejb mohfi


plab paj blh garh dm

lhf hjqauh udk

Path #2:

Assume that one of the words is the theme word (escape) and look for a group of six symbols with the same first and last symbols. The next to last group of symbols fits the pattern. Use those symbols and that matching key word (ESCAPE) to decode the rest of the cipher. If you try that with the original image (above) it goes horribly wrong. But if you follow the link to the original post and use the image which has now been updated, it works quite nicely. (They might not have wanted to make it too easy on those who were working the puzzle early on.) 


After doing some replacements this will get you 

at journeys end she found herself adrift with just her cat the nostromo just fiery wreckage what was the name of her escape pod

This is a reference to Rippley at the end of the movie Alien when she escapes aboard the Narcissus

Angelasanning2 leads to Eerily Familiar

No, Angela. I have no interest in your lies about my father. I'm posting this right out in the open so everyone knows you are not to be trusted.


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