Monks mound in july
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Posted 25th October 2014


The fragments we have of the Cahokians show us a people who were strong, smart and fearless. Their Truth was bound up in their pride – of their city and of their accomplishments.

And their pride was well-earned. To be Cahokian meant to walk the banks of the Mississippi with your head held high, knowing you were part of a society that was special.

The Cahokians were also deeply spiritual, and their mystical side came out in the construction of their religious shrines. These shrines took the form of gigantic earthen structures, mounds of clay that could reach over a hundred feet in height. Many of these mounds have survived centuries after their builders vanished – a testament to their enduring pride.

But pride corrupted turns to arrogance, and an inability to admit defeat.

And when faced with a truly superior force, the Cahokians followed their pride to their ultimate destruction at the hands of an enemy that they could never imagine.

Who was this force, and why did they have it out for the Cahokians? You’ll need to prove yourself a little more before I can let you in on that piece of the Truth.