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Posted on 26 January 2015


There is a picture of a circular saw with the clue:

Yes, I know this is a circular saw. Because it rotates.

Hint 1

Count teeth, left to right.

Hint 2

Longest to shortest. And note the second sentence of the clue.


Count the number of teeth, taking note of the position of the slots, which can be converted to letters of the alphabet. And the length of each of the slots is unique.

3 5 6 15 19 23
c e f  o  s  w
3 2 1  4  6  5 ← 1 = longest, 6 = shortest

Arranging those in order from the longest slot to the shortest slot you get fecows. Use a Ceaser Cipher decoder with a rotation of ROT+22 on that (or, for something as short as six letters, just add 26 - 22 = 4 to each letter) to get the solution .


Enemy Combatants

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