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Proving ground

Proving Ground is an app developed by Niantic that will allow people to play in the real world using the Endgame universe as it's basis.

    • The closed beta test is planned to start at an undetermined date (Public figures like James Frey were told not to say any more dates)
  • Players will be able to choose one of the 12 bloodlines for their team
  • The story of the mobile game will tie in with the AncientSocieties ARG, but eventually catch up with the books. 
  • Player of the ARG that score in the leaderboard will get bonuses in the mobile game when it launches. 
  • Stella Vyctory and Greg Jordan will be central characters in the mobile game and accompanying social media content, with Greg a CIA agent Investigating Endgame after torturing an Endgame Trainer and killing him by accident.
  • James Frey might be tied to the mobile game storyline himself (he spoke of, in the game's universe, being the one discovering an ancient Arabic text describing Endgame)
  • Here is the current Endgame FAQ from the Ingress Support site regarding the Endgame APP

An official description stated the following A location-based mobile gaming app that expands upon the Endgame storyline in an entirely new way, letting players choose a side and step into the global challenge between the 12 bloodlines. Players enter a virtual proving ground, exploring real world locations as they battle opponents in intense, fast-paced duels to maximize their bloodline's global domination. 

Check here for more info on Gameplay , or you can check for more precise  information like Weapons , Artifacts and Characters .

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